101 Great Collectibles for Kids

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By Diane Oswald

Almost everyone is a collector, whether they know it or not. They might have a tremendous music collection, or a large accumulation of sports memorabilia. Or just about anything that interests or entertains them. And people collect because it's fun; it's a great way to meet others who share similar interests, to learn about something new, and to provide a sense of purpose. The collectibles in this book can be found in new, antique, or used condition. If you are willing to scour garage sales, church bazaars, and auctions, each collectible in this book can be found for under $10. Still, the suggestions in this book are but the tip of the iceberg. There's an endless number of collectibles for you to discover throughout your lifetime, so make sure you collect what you like and enjoy what you collect.

  • 208 Pages; Softcover
  • Published in 1997 by Antique Trader Books