Alvar Aalto

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By Nicholas Ray

Alvar Aalto (1898-1976), the pre-eminent Finnish architect and artist, developed in the postwar years an architectural language all his own, characterized by curved walls, single-pitched roofs and inventive combinations of wood and brick. He was also engaged in design at all scales, from the planning of cities, including Helsinki, to the design of furniture and glassware. In this book, Nicholas Ray provides a comprehensive introduction to Aalto's life, works and theory and his relevance for the 21st century. Ray's book looks at Aalto's life and his most important buildings, and it also offers an original and provocative view of Aalto's theory, arguing that the architect's position consistently opposed that of his contemporaries and indeed that of most architects to this day.

  • 211 pages; hardcover
  • Published in 2005 by Yale University Press