Alvar Aalto: His Life

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By Goran Schilt

If you prefer an insightful, deep examination into the personality of one of architecture's finest minds and strongest personalities, "Alvar Aalto: His Life" is a unique, rewarding biography of the great Finnish architect and noted designer. Replete with stories and reflections on Alvar the man, this biography paints a full picture of the pressures (and pleasures) that forged the noted architect and designer's worldview. Far from an academic treatise, Schildt's treatment of Aalto is as engaging to read as it is probing. The book's 775 pages offer the widest view possible of the architect's world, from the personal and private life at home to the public face of one of architecture's most creative personalities.

  • 774 pages; hardcover
  • Published in 2007 by Ram Distribution
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