Antique Glass Swirl Marbles

SKU: 0764314599

By Stanley A. Block

Swirl marbles stand out in the world of antique handmade glass marbles. They are one of the largest categories of antique marbles and come in many distinct and eye-catching types. With more than 850 vibrant color photographs, this book displays swirl marbles in their many engaging varieties, ranging from banded and clambroth swirls to latticinio core and ribbon core swirls. The text explains the many swirl marble types, provides tables of prices, a glossary of useful terms, bibliography, index, and appendices directing collectors to marble clubs and meets across the country. This book is a must for anyone who collects glass, is fascinated with marbles, or ever played with them.

  • 160 pages; hardcover
  • Published in 2001 by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.