Architecture in Detail: Colors

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By Oscar Riera Ojeda and James McCown

The relationship between building form and color has preoccupied architectural thinkers for centuries. "Colors," the third volume in the "Architecture in Detail" series, uses the form/color duality to explore some of the current work of the top architects and interior designers in practice today. How does the instinctive psychological reaction to colors inform the shaping and massing of elements? Are architectural materials, such as wood, concrete, and metal, most effectively utilized in their "natural" colorations? And in what ways do contemporary architects go beyond the expected color and space configurations to inform, question, inspire, and surprise? Continuing a conversation that has taken place over the ages, "Colors" comprises a spectrum of design approaches and hues.

  • 192 pages; hardcover
  • Published in 2004 by Rockport Publishers, Inc.