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Cage Cups: Late Roman Luxury Glasses

SKU: 9780872902008

By David Whitehouse, William Gudenrath, and Paul Roberts

Excerpt from Karol B. Wight's Foreword:
About a year before his death, David Whitehouse and I spoke about his desire to write a book on Roman cage cups. As one of the most beautiful forms of Roman luxury glass, cage cups were surely a topic worthy of further study, particularly because the surviving cage cups and fragments had not been seriously reviewed since ... 1959. ... David had been collecting information about cage cups and fragments for many years. As he learned of their existence, he filed the information away until such time as he could undertake a comprehensive study. ...

It is only because of his untimely death from cancer in February 2013 that he was unable to complete the project. ...

I am very grateful to David's longtime friends and colleagues William Gudenrath and Paul Roberts, as well as to the devoted staff of the Museum, for working so hard to ensure that this publication came to fruition. David learned much about cage cups over the years, and his knowledge, combined with the accumulation of catalog entries of known examples in this volume, will make a lasting contribution to the field of glass studies.

  • 255 pages; softcover.
  • Published in 2015 by The Corning Museum of Glass.