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Cat Burns: Large Green & Black Murrini Sculpture


During Cat Burns' week in The Amphitheater she was able to develop a new body of work, Contours of Color. Contours of Color was developed as a response to the slow deterioration of her eyesight. These pieces explore a tactile relationship with glass communicating how color can be more than a visual medium.

Cat Burns is a defiant artist who uses flamboyant, sarcastic humor to illustrate her internal narrative. She cultivates her work very slowly and uses it as a visual diary, creating audacious visuals as a way of communicating and synthesizing the often perplexing, manic experience of living with depression. By destigmatizing personal demons, her work explores what it means to ”go a little crazy.”

  • Signed Cat Burns Made at CMoG 2021
Artist/Designer Cat Burns
Height 12.50 inches
Width 10.50 inches
City Corning, NY
Country USA