Chihuly's Pendletons

SKU: BK1040

By Dale Chihuly
Foreword by Charles J. Lohrmann

Many years ago, Dale Chihuly attended an exhibition of Navajo blankets and was captivated. The brilliant colors, bold geometric designs, and intricate weaving of the textiles appealed to his interest in the interplay of strong colors and shapes. Chihuly later studied the designs, patterns, colors, and origins of trade blankets, recognizing their significance in history and the differences between their machine-made origin and that of the handmade blankets. Soon after, Chihuly began to create a series of glass cylinders that explore the blankets' beauty, a pursuit he continued to perfect for 20 years. That work has culminated in this outstanding volume, its images honoring the history of an extraordinary culture and presenting the artist's accomplished interpretations of it. "Chihuly's Pendletons" features historical photographs, selections from Chihuly's own trade blanket collection, and the Blanket Cylinders series. The foreword by historian Charles J. Lohrmann renders a compelling account of the economic and human history of the blankets.

  • 256 pages; hardcover
  • Published in 2000 by Chihuly Workshop