Contemporary Loom Beading: A New Look at a Traditional Stitch

SKU: 1600592732

By Sharon Bateman

Using a loom makes it easy to weave beautifully graphic beaded patterns as wide or as narrow as needed. Now, mixed-media artist Sharon Bateman gives the traditional craft a modern touch, opening up new creative horizons for beaders. Learn how to set up a loom, follow graphed patterns, and even build a simple loom from foam core board or wood. The 34 stunning projects each include additional patterns to choose from, which will enable you to express your own stylish flair. From an amulet bag to a cell phone holster, from a windowpane bracelet to a dog collar and leash, these loom-beaded projects are fresh and orginal while still rooted in the classic fundamentals that make this craft so enduring.

  • 144 pages; hardcover
  • Published in 2009 by Lark Books