Dan Clayman: Leverette, Blue


The initial releases in the Useful Objects series, The Cradles of Light, are produced in Clayman's Rhode Island based glass shop in three sizes, two varieties of glass, and two handle variations as a limited edition of fifty in each style, each piece signed, and numbered by the artist.

About the collection, Clayman has stated, "By casting these objects in glass, I have frozen them in time. The glass castings capture a story of a useful object - every line, divot and dent. I desired to share a story and chose to include hints to such use that these bowls required repairs like leather staples holding a crack together, their repair lines appear as scars in the glass. These unadorned bowls share a story of a handmade process of our past, halted in time like a photograph, a record and a relic, a piece of history."

  • Limited edition of fifty in each style.
  • Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist.
Artist/Designer Dan Clayman
Height 2.75 inches
Width 9.50 inches
Length 15.50 inches
City East Providence, RI
Country USA