By the El: Third Ave and Its El at Mid-Century

SKU: 9780977722013

By Lawrence Stelter, Lothar Stelter, and Joe Cunningham

This is a handsomely produced paperback of vivid photos and old-timers' reminiscences of the Third Avenue Elevated trains that dominated the skyline of Manhattan and the Bronx. The book's 200-plus full-color photos are mostly from the years shortly before the El was abandoned in 1953 -- divided between pictures of the trains and stations and the urban life that teemed under and around them. The pictures show neighborhoods filled with mom-and-pop stores, among them a striking number of bars and pawn shops. Street life is well chronicled, and most East Side landmarks (such as the Empire State and Chrysler buildings) feature prominently. The book will appeal to amateur (and maybe professional) historians of New York City's general history and culture, as well as to railroad and mass-transit buffs.

  • 132 pages; paperback.
  • Published in 2007 by Stelterfoto LLC.