Elio Quarisa: Optic Flute with 2 Pink Flowers

SKU: EQ2008

Celebrating Jeff Mack's GAS demonstration that honors Elio's legacy, this piece is exclusively available at The Shops. Part of a collection of six, each piece represents an exhilarating moment and expression in the life of a Maestro and a series of lessons that helped inspire a generation of glassblowers around the world.

In his long career as a glass maker, Elio Quarisa worked at the finest glass factories in Murano, becoming a maestro.
After retiring from industry, he taught workshops and demonstrations for private studios and institutions including The Corning Museum of Glass.
Elio's charm and effervescent personality are as visible in his work as his intense precision and accumulated skill. His work is included in the collections of museums, collectors, students, and enthusiasts throughout the world.

Artist/Designer Elio Quarisa
Country Italy