Frank Lloyd Wright's Buffalo Venture

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By Jack Quinan

Over a quarter-century, Frank Lloyd Wright provided the city of Buffalo, New York, with a series of remarkable designs. These houses, commercial buildings, and unbuilt projects, devised from 1903 to 1929, link the architect's early Prairie period to his magnificent reaction to Modernism. To convey this story, author Jack Quinan introduces a cast of characters linked by their association with the Larkin Company, the client that first drew Wright to New York state. Not long after sketches for a Larkin administration building had arrived in Buffalo, commissions for grand houses were whistling from Buffalo to Wright's studio in Oak Park, Illinois.

When the fortunes of the Larkin Company and its executives ebbed, Wright focuses on new fields, in Arizona, California, and farther from home. But the traces of the Buffalo years may be seen in much of his subsequent work.

Featuring 125 photos and drawing from archival materials, interviews, and previous studies, Quinan brings to light one of the most significant periods of Wright's long career.

  • 211 pages; hardcover
  • Published in 2012 by Pomegranate Publications, Inc.