The Glass Industry in South Boston

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By Joan E. Kaiser

After painstaking research (with the help of the Big Dig), renowned appraiser Joan E. Kaiser has created the most detailed and accurate historical narrative of and guide to the glass factories of South Boston. The furnaces of South Boston far exceeded in number the well-known and well-researched Sandwich glass factories. Due in part to the destruction of business records in the great Boston fire of 1872, however, these factories were largely forgotten or their history misunderstood, with their products conflated with those of other 19th-century New England glass manufacturers. Detailing the history and output of more than 25 flint glass, bottle glass, and window glass companies from 1811 to the end of the century, Kaiser provides collectors with the most complete pictorial guide to the glass of South Boston now available on the market. With a foreword by J. Garrison Stradling, this lavishly illustrated volume is a fascinating history and an absolute necessity for museums, auction houses, and serious collectors of early American glassware.

  • 284 pages; hardcover
  • Published in 2010 by UPNE
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