The Houghtons of Corning, NY: Five Generations of Brilliance

SKU: 9781480884656

By Thomas P. Dimitroff

The Houghton family brought the Industrial Revolution to Corning, New York, with a hot-glass factory and his friend’s cut-glass industry.
Although his friend’s cut-glass industry failed during the first half of the 1900s, the Houghtons built the hot-glass factory into a Fortune 500 company over five generations.
Thomas P. Dimitroff traces the history of the Houghton family, glass making in the United States, and life in Corning, New York, in this scholarly book. With the cooperation of Corning Inc. and Houghton family members, the author shares a trove of photographs and draws on his extensive research to give a rich portrayal of the city and the family that played a critical role in its development.
The story begins in1635 when John and Ralph Houghton arrived in America from England and takes a decisive turn with the birth of Amory in 1813, who wasn’t satisfied being a New England farmer. Deep inside, he was an entrepreneur – although he struggled in his early attempts.
Discover the rich history of Corning Inc., and the amazing family that contributed to life-changing glassmaking developments in America and throughout the world.

  • Published by Archway Publishing in 2019
  • 514 pages; hardcover