Jeff Zimmerman

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By John Drury, Jeff Zimmerman, and Sean Kelly

This first monograph on the work of American master glassmaker Jeff Zimmerman examines his sculptures and functional pieces and provides an overview of his breadth of technique and creative vision. Drawing inspiration from natural forms and employing advanced glassblowing techniques, Zimmerman's illuminated sculptures evoke branches, petals, and waves. These organic forms are combined with human accidents, such as crushing and splattering, embracing the quality of unpredictability inherent to the glassblowing process. Works such as "Biomorphic Bubble," "Rain Drop," "Vine," and "Serpentine" create fantastic and new formal possibilities for glass, while staying true to the traditions and techniques of old-world Italian glassmakers.

This book includes previously unpublished photographs of works created throughout his career, as well as interiors featuring his custom light fixtures, vases, and sconces installed in exhibitions, private homes, corporate offices, and foundations around the world.

  • 220 pages; hardcover
  • Published in 2013 by Damiani
Height 11.75 inches
Width 9.75 inches