Josh Simpson: Megaplanet, Josiah

SKU: 10.8.20

This stunning Megaplanet by Josh Simpson features bright blue, purple, and green cane aginst a stunning blue backdrop. With endless other features, this planet is full of wonders.

The planet is signed "Josiah." When Josh signs his work “Josiah Simpson” (his given name), this signifies the piece is either a favorite or one of the best he feels he can make at that point in time.

Josh Simpson is a world-renowned artist who creates glass galaxies in marbles, paperweights, and very large spheres. His work is collected and sold in major museums, private collections, and galleries throughout the world.

  • Handmade by Simpson
  • Signed and dated by Simpson
Artist/Designer Josh Simpson
Height 10.00 inches
Width 10.00 inches
City Shelburne Falls, MA
Country USA