Josh Simpson: Tektite Portal

SKU: 4.2.2016

Rough, dark, and bubbly, Tektite glass was developed by Josh Simpson. Here, it is combined with Simpson's planet techniques to create a portal to another world.
“Tektite glass is a melange of silica and metallic oxides that I derived from the spectrographic analysis of an actual glassy meteor. Totally different from the smooth, crystal clear glass I usually work with, this substance is rough, dark, bubbly and uncooperative. And definitely never meant to be blown! I use this coarse black material to create interesting juxtapositions with my iridescent glass.” Josh Simpson on Tektite glass.

  • Handmade by Josh Simpson, a glass artist in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
  • Signed and dated by Simpson
Artist/Designer Josh Simpson
Height 5.25 inches
Width 8.00 inches
Length 8.00 inches
City Shelburne Falls, MA
Country USA