Josh Simpson: Waterworld Megaplanet

SKU: 5.3.21

Unlike classic Simpson Planets that are made with opaque New Mexico or Corona glass, Waterworlds (aka “Cloud Planets”) have translucent cores and an aqueous appearance. Vaporous clouds drift above intriguing depths and layers, while rafts of colorful murrini cane float within each misty world, evoking exotic landforms and alien lifeforms.

Josh Simpson is a world-renowned artist who creates glass galaxies in marbles, paperweights, and very large spheres. His work is collected and sold in major museums, private collections, and galleries throughout the world.

  • Handmade by Josh Simpson
  • Signed and dated by Simpson
Artist/Designer Josh Simpson
Height 5.50 inches
Width 5.50 inches
City Shelburne Falls, MA
Country USA