Nelson Commemorated in Glass Pictures

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By L.P. Le Quesne

There are 70 known glass pictures of British Admiral Horatio Nelson, most of them published within six months of the hero's death in October 1805. In this scholarly book, the pictures are illustrated together, in full color, for the first time. Richly colored, with a naive charm, these glass pictures gave expression to the nation's grief, which almost overwhelmed the rejoicing at the great naval victory of Trafalgar. Half of these pictures represent Nelson, his death and his magnificent funeral, while the rest are monumental tributes and fantastical, allegorical scenes, such as Nelson falling into the ample bosom of Britannia.

Glass pictures were a way of reproducing prints and enhancing them with bright color. At first they were confined to the reproduction of portraits and were made from mezzotints, but in the early 19th century, a simpler, cruder method was used, notably for the Nelson pictures. This book will appeal to naval historians and to collectors of Nelson memorabilia.

  • 103 pages; hardcover
  • Published in 2001 by the Antique Collectors' Club Ltd.