Roman Cameo Glass in the British Museum

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By Paul Roberts, William Gudenrath, Veronica Tatton-Brown, and David Whitehouse

Cameo glass represents the ultimate achievement in Roman luxury glass, and the British Museum has the world's largest and finest collection, comprising more than 80 pieces. These include two of only a dozen surviving complete cameo glass vessels: the celebrated Portland Vase and the Auldjo Jug, each with a complex and intriguing history. This catalog publishes the collection in its entirety for the first time. Each piece is illustrated in color and line artwork, with a full description and discussion.

The authors construct a comprehensive context, using archaeological, technological, iconographic, and typological evidence to look at the origins of cameo glass and its place in contemporary Roman art and craftsmanship. This book features 130 color illustrations and 11 pages of line drawings.

  • 110 pages; paperback
  • Published in 2010 by the British Museum