Roni Horn: The Sensation of Sadness at Having Slept Through a Shower of Meteors

SKU: 9780983446576

By Aveek Sen

This book brings together new works by American artist Roni Horn (born 1955), continuing her 30-year artistic exploration of time, memory, and perception. Horn's captivating yellow-green cast glass sculptures, simultaneously evoking land and sea, are juxtaposed here with her major photographic series "You Are the Weather, Part 2," completed in 2011. Consisting of 100 photographs of a woman bathing in the hot springs and pools of Iceland, "You Are the Weather, Part 2" documents the subtle shifts in her countenance over short periods of time.

  • 70 pages; softcover
  • Published in 2015 by Kukje Gallery
Height 8.75 inches
Width 6.50 inches