Seeing the Sky: 100 Projects, Activities & Explorations in Astronomy

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By Fred Schaaf

Discover the fascination of astronomy with 100 easy, inexpensive projects that promise loads of fun for sky watchers of all ages. Geared toward beginning astronomers from junior high school level and up, this entertaining guide was written in direct, nontechnical terms by an experienced astronomer and well-known author. Daylight and nighttime activities include sightings of comets, meteors, stars, and planets, as well as phases of the moon, halos, twilights, and many other intriguing phenomena. These interesting, instructive activities and projects require just the naked eye and ordinary household materials. In addition to a wealth of activities for families to enjoy together, "Seeing the Sky" also offers a fine resource for classrooms, astronomy clubs, nature societies, and other groups. This updated edition features a new preface, two new tables, and a revised Sources of Information list that includes current websites.

214 Pages; Softcover

Published in 2012 by Dover Publications, Inc.