Steuben Glass: An American Tradition in Crystal

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Mary Jean Smith Madigan and E. Marie McKee

After its founding in 1903 by the renowned glassmaker Frederick Carder, Steuben Glass evolved to become the epitome of American crystal: internationally acclaimed, a gift of presidents, the treasured possession of generations of collectors. In this lavishly illustrated volume, which updates the 1982 book with three additional chapters, Mary Jean Madigan traces the fascinating history and manufacture of Steuben Glass from Carder's time to the 21st century. Like the original version, this revised edition emphasizes the years after 1933, when Carder's successor, Arthur Amory Houghton, Jr., curtailed the production of colored wares to focus on making brilliantly refractive clear glass, "the most perfect crystal the world has ever known."

  • 384 pages; hardcover
  • Published in 2002 by Harry N. Abrams Inc.