Steuben: Monkey Hand Cooler

SKU: 5526VAA

Originally designed by Lloyd Atkins in 1992, this appealing hand cooler is reintroduced in 2016 to mark the Year of the Monkey, which recurs on a twelve-year cycle in the Chinese lunar calendar. A symbol of cleverness, our hand-polished Monkey makes an imaginative gift for the problem-solving achievers born during this auspicious year.

These Steuben designs represent the brand's uncompromising excellence in materials, design, and craft. They are being made using fine lead crystal for which Steuben was known.

  • Design by Lloyd Atkins, 1992
  • Approximately 2.5" H.
  • This product is being sold exclusively through The Corning Museum of Glass Shops. All proceeds benefit the educational mission of the museum.
Artist/Designer Lloyd Atkins
Brand Steuben