Steuben: Monkey Zodiac Disk

SKU: 10006-ST

The ninth animal in the Chinese Zodiac, the Monkey traditionally represents intelligence, innovation, and versatility. Introduced in 2016 and honoring a tradition that spans thousands of years, Steuben's Zodiac Disks are a mystical way to channel one's Earthly Branch.

The Corning Museum of Glass is pleased to introduce this new Steuben design. Made in the United States using our new, lead free crystal, this Steuben design represents the brand's uncompromising excellence in materials, design, and craft.

  • Designed by Erin Schantz-Hilton, 2016
  • Approximately 3" in diameter
  • This product is being sold exclusively through The Corning Museum of Glass Shops. All proceeds benefit the educational mission of the museum.
Artist/Designer Erin Schantz-Hilton
Brand Steuben
Width 1.00 inch
Diameter 3.00 inches