Transparencies: Contemporary Art & A History of Glass

SKU: 9781879003668

By William Warmus and Laura Burkhalter

Transparencies brings together a group of international artists whose work explores glass as both medium and as subject matter. Each creates contemporary art that connects with the history of glass work, from luxury objects such as chandeliers and mirrors to household items like drinking vessels and light bulbs. Many forms of glass are represented, from delicate, hand-worked mirrors to industrial sheets of Plexiglas, as well as works that, despite appearances, are not made of glass at all. Combining sculpture, video and installation with traditional forms of artisan techniques such as stained glass and blown glass, Transparencies explores the role of glass in today’s contemporary art world as well as our everyday lives. Participating artists include Jim Dingilian, Matt Eskuche, Monir Farmanfarmaian, Laura Fritz, Rachel Lee Hovnanian, Ran Hwang, Luke Jerram, Karen LaMonte, Judith Schaechter and Fred Wilson.

  • 65 pages; hardcover
Published in 2013 by Des Moines Art Center