Viva Vetro!/Glass Alive! Venice and America

SKU: 9780880390484

By Matthew Kangas and Susanne K. Frantz

Venice has been a pre-eminent glass center since the 16th century, and for more than 500 years European factories and designers have tried to emulate the city's success by adapting or copying designs and techniques associated with the Venetian masters. Since the 1950s, American artists and designers have also looked to Venice for inspiration, traveling there to immerse themselves in traditional glass factory environments and working directly with Venetian masters. As the 1960s Studio Glass movement burgeoned and flourished, Venetian masters also began to travel to the United States, not only to teach but also to learn. A stimulating and exciting dialogue was born, which continues to this day. This volume examines the critical links between Venetian and American artists.

  • 202 pages; softcover
  • Published in 2008 by Carnegie Museum of Art