Waterford: Jeff Leatham Infinity Vase, Small


SKU: 40034637

Waterford partners with world renowned floral artist Jeff Leatham to create the Infinity Collection, combining chic simplicity with meticulously cut crystal. Jeff Leatham is a true master of his craft, with a magical touch that revolutionizes how people think about and visualize flowers. Jeff worked closely with Waterford to create a collection that reflects Irish heritage and time-honored craftsmanship. Handcrafted at the House of Waterford Crystal by Waterford's master craftsmen, with a cutting pattern that has no beginning or end, Infinity showcases Waterford's intricate caro cutting and Jeff's iconic 'punk stud.' The Small Infinity Vase has a multi-faceted design that creates intriguing reflections for a striking floral display inspired by Jeff's sophisticated arrangements.

Brand Waterford
Height 9.40 inches
Width 8.80 inches