Winning Solutions: Scrabble 3D World Edition by Charles Fazzino

SKU: 24009

Now you can enjoy America's favorite word game in the three-dimensional art style of Charles Fazzino. Gather your family and friends around this limited edition work of art, choose your seven oversized glass tiles, and spin the built-in rotating gameboard. Each set includes custom Fazzino artwork layered in 3D in an elegant black wood frame and a tempered glass top. The game components are also uniquely designed, including a set of oversized glass SCRABBLE tiles with fabric backing, deluxe scorebook with embroidered fabric cover, and four oversized wood tile racks. The set also includes a timer with customized wooden end caps for optional timing. Only 2,000 of this unique edition are being made.

  • Signed and numbered by Fazzino.
  • Board measures approx. 2.5 inches H. x 22.5 inches L. x 21 inches W.
Brand Winning Solutions
Height 2.50 inches
Width 21.00 inches
Length 22.50 inches